Authentic Relationships

At Typographia, we are not just a workspace; we are a vibrant and diverse community rooted in the heart of the Historic Center of Porto. Our century-old building, once a typography, has been carefully renovated to preserve its authenticity, creating an environment that blends the charm of the past with the functionality of the present. Here, we provide more than just workplaces and meeting rooms. We offer a conducive setting for creativity to flourish, with panoramic views of the city bathing our spaces in natural light.

What sets us apart is not only our facilities but our philosophy. At Typographia, we believe that true friendships and collaborations cannot be forced; they arise organically. We value authentic and genuine connections, fostering an environment where people can naturally get to know each other, share ideas, and experiences spontaneously. Our community is diverse in cultures and languages, creating a true melting pot of perspectives and knowledge, enriching all who are part of it.

In addition to providing a comfortable and secure workspace, we organize events that strengthen the bonds among members. Whether it’s a themed celebration or a casual gathering in our lounge area, we encourage the sharing of knowledge and the creation of memories. We are rooted in Cordoaria, an area rich in Porto’s history, recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage site. This is our home, and we are committed to making Typographia not just a workplace but a genuine community space, where friendships blossom, ideas flourish, and meaningful collaborations unfold.

Who is with us

The companies, behind the people, who are with us: