TYPOGRAPHIA-COWORK is a wide open-space working area with around 130 sq. m. that can be used for performing different types of jobs, depending on the specific needs of our coworkers.

The working area has 18 fully equipped fixed working stations (with a 1,60 x 0,80 m table, ergonomic chair, an office storage cabinet and personal locker), ideal for people who require dedicated working places, more working space and storage.
For coworkers whose jobs require more mobility and less working and storage space, there is the possibility of working in our large shared tables or in any of our common areas, always with access to a personal safety locker.

Members have access to meeting rooms to host meetings with customers in a more formal and professional environment in our renewed spaces with high heritage value.
Our space has two meeting rooms with 16 and 14 sq. m. and a conference / meeting room with 36 sq. m. that can be used depending on its availability and for maximum periods of 90 consecutive minutes.
Typographia-Cowork also has several common spaces (an eating area, a lounge, common areas and an outdoor patio) which are ideal for informal and relaxed interactions between our associates.






Typographia’s rooms can also be booked for meetings , workshops and other events, if available. For more informations and quotes: [email protected] (special prices for members).